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Over time, the soil under your lawn becomes hard and compacted. This affects the soil’s ability to absorb the water, air and nutrients that your lawn needs to grow and stay healthy. Aerating your lawn loosens the soil and allows the water, air, and nutrients to deeply penetrate into the soil where it reaches the roots and promotes a healthy, vigorous lawn. Aeration also helps reduce thatch, the layer of dead grass and other organic materials that builds up in your lawn between your grass and the soil. Regular aeration is an important part of your lawn maintenance program.

Aeration, also called coring, requires heavy, specialized equipment that extracts small plugs of soil from your yard. The plugs are ejected from the aerator and are left on the surface of the yard to decompose, returning the nutrients to the soil. Professional aeration equipment is much more effective than devices that just poke holes in the yard without removing plugs. Aeration is generally best left to a professional. The equipment is heavy and can be difficult to operate. If not used properly, it can damage sprinklers, pipes, and other fixtures in your yard.

Alpharetta GA Lawn Aeration

You yard should be aerated at least once a year to keep the soil loose and reduce thatch. Fall or early spring is generally the best time to aerate, but your lawn care professional may recommend that you aerate at some other time during the year if needed. It is best to avoid aerating when the lawn is stressed by drought or heat. The experts at Seasonally Green can help you decide if it is safe to aerate your lawn.

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Seasonally Green uses professional aerating equipment to thoroughly aerate your yard either on an "as needed basis" or as part of a comprehensive lawn service program. We have the experience and equipment to determine when your lawn needs to be aerated and to quickly and efficiently get the job done. Call or contact our Alpharetta Lawn Aeration Service for a free estimate or to schedule a convenient time for us to aerate your lawn.

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