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A healthy, well nourished lawn is the best defense against invasive lawn diseases. Poorly maintained or stressed lawns are much more susceptible to disease. Lawn disease control begins with a well designed lawn care program along with good mowing and watering habits. Our lawn care programs are designed to not only ensure your lawn looks great, but also to promote good health and growth which makes your lawn more resistant to disease. Once a disease takes hold in your lawn, it can be difficult to control and can severely damage your lawn.

Common lawn diseases in Georgia include:

Dollar Spot

Fairy Rings

Take All Root Rot

Brown Patch

Large Patch



Leaf Spot

Pythium Blight

Slime Mold

Alpharetta Lawn Disease Solutions

The agents that cause lawn disease can be present in your lawn throughout the year, just waiting for the right environmental conditions to strike. High moisture levels and improper soil pH balance are ideal conditions for diseases to emerge and begin destroying your lawn. Lawns stressed by drought, poor mowing or watering habits, compacted soil, and excessive thatch are less resistant to the lawn diseases common to North Georgia.

The lawn care experts at Seasonally Green have the knowledge and experience to help keep your lawn disease free. Soil testing is the basis for all of our lawn care programs. We monitor the pH balance and nutrients in your soil and adjust your lawn care program to supply the nutrients that your lawn needs. We apply limestone keep the pH in proper balance, and apply the nutrients and fertilizer that your lawn needs for strong roots and healthy growth. Our lawn care programs also include annual aeration to loosen compacted soil and reduce thatch. When environmental conditions are right, we apply a preventative fungicide to stop diseases from taking hold in your lawn. If lawn disease is present, we apply a fungicide to control the spread of the disease.

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Combined with good watering and mowing habits, Seasonally Green’s lawn care program will keep your lawn healthy and resistant to disease. Call or contact our Alpharetta Lawn Disease Control Company to consult with one of our experts.

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