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Proper soil care is critical for growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Turfgrasses grow better and stay healthier when the pH level in the soil is right for that type of grass. A good soil care program will help maintain the ideal pH level for your lawn no matter what type of grass you have.

At Seasonally Green, we utilize soil testing as a basis for all our lawn care programs. By testing your soil we can determine the soil pH level and the nutrient needs of your lawn. Testing allows us to alter our nutrient program to fit the specific needs of your lawn. Seasonally Green’s balanced lawn care programs are designed to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous while minimizing unsightly weeds. Our soil care programs utilize controlled release fertilizers to promote consistent color and growth throughout the growing season. Our programs are also designed to promote a deeper root system and improve the soil.

Lawn PH Levels Atlanta GA

Soil pH is directly related to the amount of soil nutrients that are available to the grass plants in your lawn. Good soil care includes applying either limestone or sulfur to regulate soil acidity or alkalinity to the proper pH level is a way of balancing nutrients and increasing the response from fertilizer applications.

There are many advantages of a balanced soil pH level:

• Nutrients in the soil are more readily available to the grass plants

• Enhanced response to fertilizer applications

• More microorganism activity to help decompose thatch

• Decreased chance of toxic substance uptake by the grass plants

• Reduced incidence of some turf diseases

• Increased turf vigor to crowd out weeds and resist insects

• Better overall turf quality

• Promotes deeper rooting which increases drought tolerance

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Seasonally Green has been keeping North Atlanta area lawns looking great for over six years. We understand how to keep your soil healthy so your lawn can stay healthy. For a great looking lawn, call or contact our Alpharetta Soil Care Experts at Seasonally Green today.

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