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Trees and shrubs need good care to stay healthy and avoid being infested by insects or infected by disease. Harmful insects common in the North Atlanta area include aphids, whiteflies, scale, spider mites, lacebugs, Japanese beetles and bagworms. Common infectious diseases include anthracnose, sooty mold, powdery mildew, fire blight, root rot, leaf spot fungus and shot hole disease.

Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is the first line of defense against disease and insects. Stressed trees and shrubs are more susceptible to insect infestations and infections disease. Healthy trees and shrubs are better able to resist infectious diseases and are less attractive to harmful insects. Seasonally Green’s tree and shrub disease control program is designed to keep your trees and shrubs in good health, maximizing their resistance to harmful insects and infectious disease. Balanced fertilizers are applied as part of our tree and shrub disease control program to promote good health and disease resistance.

Sometimes even healthy trees and shrubs can be invaded by insects or infected with disease. Our tree and shrub disease control program also treats and prevents insect infestations and infectious diseases. We apply insect and disease control and horticultural oil to protect your trees and shrubs against harmful insects and disease.

Often, symptoms that appear to be disease or insect related are actually caused by non-infections environmental agents. Over or under watering, excessive heat or sun, lack of proper nutrients or damage to the root system can cause trees and shrubs to become stressed and exhibit symptoms that appear disease-related. The experts at Seasonally Green have the knowledge and experience to determine whether symptoms are caused by environmental factors, insects, or infections disease. They can suggest an appropriate course of action to relieve the stress or apply insect or disease control if needed

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