Atlanta Lawn Watering Tips

Your lawn needs water to grow and stay healthy. Too much water or poor watering technique can harm your lawn and waste water. Seasonally Green recommends that you follow these watering tips for a lush, green lawn:

Water early in the day – Watering early in the morning gives the water the chance to soak deep into the ground and encourages deep root growth. Early watering minimizes the amount of water that will evaporate later in the day. Try to avoid watering in the evening if possible. Leaving your lawn damp overnight increases the risk of disease.

Avoid overwatering – Turfgrasses need about one to two inches of water per week to actively grow and stay healthy. Install rain gauges in several different areas of your yard to monitor the amount of rainfall and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Test the soil before watering. The first three to four inches of soil should be dry before you water.

Alpharetta Lawn Watering Tips

Water evenly – Use your rain gauges or cans placed in the yard to ensure that you are watering evenly. Adjust your sprinklers to ensure that the entire yard receives the same amount of water.

Allow the water to soak into the soil – Set your sprinklers so that they allow the water to soak into the soil. Make sure that the sprinklers are not applying so much water that it produces runoff. If you notice runoff, either reduce the flow or shut the sprinklers off long enough to allow the soil to absorb the water. If your yard is sloped, you may need to reduce the sprinkler flow to allow the water enough time to soak into the soil.

Water infrequently – Infrequent, deep soaking watering is better than more frequent shallow watering. Ideally, the water should soak 6 to 8 inches into the soil to promote deep root growth in turfgrass and discourage shallow rooted weeds.

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