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Get a beautiful, healthy lawn at your home or business in Dunwoody with Seasonally Green Lawn Care. Maintaining a healthy lawn is not as simple as mowing and watering your grass. Our lawn experts can help you create a gorgeous, healthy lawn by controlling weeds and improving the nutrient base for your soil. Our 7-step lawn care process with an in-depth analysis of your lawn’s needs is the key to our success cultivating beautiful lawns in Dunwoody and the greater north Atlanta area.

Effective Weed Control

Do you have broadleaf weeds like dandelions, clover and bittercress infesting your lawn? Or are grassy weeds like crabgrass and bluegrass taking over your yard? Our lawn experts can quickly determine the right weed control program to regain a healthy lawn. An unhealthy or stressed lawn is more likely to succumb to weed growth. We promote a healthy lawn while using the best weed control methods to eradicate grassy and broadleaf weeds from your lawn.

Pre-emergent Herbicide and Fertilizer

At Seasonally Green Lawn Care, we understand what is needed to create a healthy, weed-free lawn. Our team uses soil analysis to determine the right fertilizing program for your lawn and the best weed control plan. A healthy lawn with the right nutrients and PH balance can fight off weeds and promote optimum grass growth. We also use pre-emergent herbicides to stop weeds before they emerge. Prevention is vital to keep your lawn in Dunwoody weed free and healthy throughout the year.

If you are looking for lawn care in the Dunwoody area that goes above and beyond just mowing and edging, give our experts a call at Seasonally Green Lawn Care. We take a scientific approach to cultivating healthy soil for your lawn and preventing lawn disease or weed growth. Contact our office today to schedule your personalized lawn analysis.

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    Our Client Reviews

    Seasonally Green Lawn Care

    5.0 / 5.0

    Based on 4 reviews

    David B.

    Someone recommended Seasonally Green Lawn Care to me as a great weed control company. Yes, I was skeptical at first because I've gone through all the other big name weed control companies with no success. The guys at Seasonally green have done a great job getting rid of the weeds and my lawn looks great. They are honest, professional and a good price. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to get rid of weeds in your lawn.

    Mike D.

    I have been a Seasonally Green client since 2004. Joe and his crew have always done an excellent job of keeping my lawn weed free. If you are looking for an excellent weed control and lawn care company, Seasonally Green is a great choice. My wife and I live in the Crooked Creek subdivision in Alpharetta/Milton and Seasonally Green is one of the more popular weed control services in our neighborhood.

    Christopher D.

    Thanks so much for taking such great care of our yard. When we called you we had weeds everywhere and in a few short weeks you have our lawn looking better than it ever has in the past. We appreciate all your hard work, if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use us anytime.

    Mark F.

    Seasonally Green has handled my landscape care at a very high-level for over 10+ years. Many of my neighbors also get good results with them as compared to some other companies doing fertilizer, weed control, etc. I'm super confident I can always rely on Seasonally Green to keep my lawn in the best condition possible!